Who Am I?


I am a writer. I capture the spirit and purpose of people, ideas and processes. My hope is  help breathe life into a person’s mission, a small businesses goal. By spending time together, we’ll determine the best way to create content that will support your work. This  takes many forms. Sometimes a press release and accompanied outreach to local and regional outlets to foster community engagement and support is the best solution to fit your needs. Other times a specific story idea based on something you’ve accomplished and wish to share is most helpful, something that can be archived online for readers around the world to engage with. Oftentimes, a small business or nonprofit seek the creation of an ongoing strategy that will help define goals and share their mission outward using their website and social media platforms. All of these areas are places stories are told and disseminated in a web that touches online readers and connects them to your story, your website and your work. 

My goal is always to create content that is authentic to a person, organization or small business. I believe in the power of community and in engaging with people in ways that feel authentic. This is why the majority of my work has been so successful–in using storytelling in a variety of ways to communicate stories across generations and through a diverse variety of platforms.

IMG_20170313_211549_373I trust in all peoples rights to be treated with respect and paid fairly for work that isn’t dehumanizing to their bodies and spirits. I believe in every person’s ability to affect change by choosing and not choosing what they support with their actions and dollars. I write for the people, businesses and organizations whose values are similar. Health, food sovereignty and food security are important to me. A localized economy is of more importance than it has ever been. Equality for all people is necessary work that we should always be learning where those inconsistencies are and how to alleviate those gaps. There is much to be done and I’m interested in focusing my work as a writer to support artists, businesses and organizations with similar values.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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